"I Need To Sort Out My Head"


"La Felicidad En El Mundo Moderno"

"La Felicidad En El Mundo Moderno"

Something I worked on for an art trade with the lovely Ms. Phoebe (emoalien420). It was sad to say goodbye but totally worth it.

Stuff going out with the first few orders. I want to make stickers and shirts too eventually, hopefully when I start making some extra money.

If anyone’s interested in owning some of my drawings, the originals not prints, you should check out my shop.

It’s all going towards a new scanner to share all the stuff I’ve been working on lately and marijuana for my friends.

Also it my birthday.

"Lovers In A Garden"

"Lovers In A Garden"

Bobby Vee "Take Good Care Of My Baby"

My tears are fallin’ ‘cause you’ve taken her awaaay
And though it really hurts me so
There’s something that I’ve gotta say

Take good care of my baaaby
Please don’t ever make her blu-u-u-ue
Just tell her that you love her
Make sure you’re thinking of her
In everything you say and do-o-o-o

Ween "Flies on my Dick"

"Water Bottles"

It was terrible. But not her. She was an angel. Always smiling… that’s because she had no lips. But her mouth was still very much in play.

- Frank in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

We could sit in your room when your parents weren’t home, and you could walk around in my shirt, it’d be like a robe to you, and your fav pair a undies underneath. Barefoot. Your pets could chill with us. But we’d only kiss when they weren’t looking, because I feel bad when they are. Because I see pets as babies. But you’d be my baby, and we’d wrap our tongues around each other, and it’d make our stomachs feel nice, our faces feel warm. You would say certain words in certain ways, different than me, and eventually I’d start to say them the way you do. And there’d be things, like my arms around your waste, my stuff against your butt, tickles in your armpits with my mouth, things that made you happy. And sometimes you’d curl up against me, and push your head under my head, and youd be my dirty baby, a bit sweaty, your pretty hair a bit greasy, your soft face a bit sticky, and I would love it, and I would hold you. You can dance, I can watch, you can sing and I can listen, and say it’s lovely, and say “do it again baby”. And you know I’d wanna fuck, and I’d wanna taste. Anything you wanted, til you were as happy as could be. And afterwards I would kiss it where I had spanked it, lick it where it was sore. Watch you smile and laugh and giggle and snort.